So what is this all about?

We want to change our consumption patterns, they need to be smarter and more sustainable. We are driving innovations that simplifies wise decision making in our consumption. By tracking our products and resources we can drive real change. We can collect and send product data anonymously back to manufacturers and maybe most importantly reuse, recycle and let our products have a second(or third) life. 

Traceability and transparency made easy with the help of digitalisation. These are our main ingredients for a truly functional circular economy. We aim to contribute and make life as we live it both easier and more sustainable. Giving material an identity will give us the possibility to use and reuse our resources in a more responsible way.

By setting a new standard with the UN goal 12 as a guideline we can change our consumption patterns radically.

Projects and initiatives:


Smithereens is participating as one of 14 project partners in Chalmers Industriteknik´s innovation project – KEEP. KEEP is aiming to create a traceability solution for electronic products. The project is an initiative to promote sustainable production, increased re-use, and recycling.

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CLOSER – Lindholmen

Smithereens is a part of a Swedish e-commerce initiative led by CLOSER – Lindholmen. Through research and innovation the initiative strives to make e-commerce more resource efficient with reduced strain on climate and health.

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Delegationen För cirkulär ekonomi

Smithereens is a part of an expert group promoting the acceleration towards circular economy led by Cradlenet. The findings, innovations and recommendations of this delegation will be reported straight to the Swedish government.

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Linköping University

Smithereens is participating in 2 studies with Linköping University. A general sustainability study  and a study regarding repairability in circular economy.

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Circular Electronics Initiative

The Circular Electronics Initiatives goal is to encourage a more responsible approach to the electronic goods we use. We hope to inspire people to manage their electronics in a circular way by ours and a growing number of organizations participation in this initiative.

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